“The Art of Hair Design with Beauty and the Best”


Established in 2017 Enhanced Hair and Beauty started from an old run-down house located in Lindisfarne which Britt transformed into a six-station salon, two basins and beauty room (fully disabled access).

The vibe within the salon is what makes us so popular. We have great team who provide an amazing atmosphere within the salon which our clientele love.

South Terrace Hair & Beauty was an established business which we subsequently purchased in 2021. We successfully turned this acquisition around from being non profitable into a thriving business.

We have two beauty rooms which we intend to expand to use to their fullest potential. South Terrace has long-term clientele, which creates a very family vibe within the salon.

These two businesses are part of the Attard Group of Companies


We recommend and use a range of hair cosmetics, skincare and makeup, inspiring women to connect with themselves through self-love and self-care.